Changes to the IHF Expansion Policy

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From Barry Monaghan, IHF Program, MOHLTC:

Please be advised that as of September 1, 2015, the ministry has amended the expansion policy for the addition of new modalities to IHF licences. Previously, Licensees who wished to add modalities and who were conditionally approved , were required to submit checklist documentation that was reviewed by the CPSO to ensure the facility’s plan met the generally accepted quality and standards for the conditionally approved modalities.  Once the CPSO report was received by the ministry, the conditionally approved modalities were added to the licence and the Licensee was then authorized to bill the ministry in respect of the approved modalities.


Beginning September 1, 2015, in addition to the checklist documentation and CPSO review process, the Licensee will now be required to show proof of equipment purchase or lease prior to the conditionally approved services being formally added to the licence.  The timeframe to provide the required checklist documentation and proof of equipment purchase or lease will remain as one (1) year from the date the Director has given the conditional approval.  If you have any questions concerning the amended policy or wish to have a copy of the amended expansion policy, please call the Independent Health Facilities Program at 613-548-6637 or email at

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