COVID-19, Your Insurance, Employee Safety & Business Continuity

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The following information is provided by First Durham Insurance & Financial, a keen supporter of the IHF community for more than a decade: 


Everyone, of course, wants to know if loss of income from this pandemic is an insurable loss? The short answer is no. Loss of income (business interruption) due to a pandemic of any nature is not covered by your business insurance. This type of coverage is not available. 


The longer explanation is that business interruption follows your property coverage when it comes to determining what is insured and what is not. To claim your business interruption coverage, the loss of profit must be triggered by a property loss such as a flood, a fire etc. 


Balancing Employee Health, Safety and Business Continuity


  • Relax your sick day policy to allow sick staff to stay home.
  • Allow as many staff as possible to work from home.
  • Send staff home if they appear to have any acute respatory illness.
  • Promote good hand washing and coughing/sneezing etiquette amongst your employees.
  • Eliminate in-person client meetings.
  • Investigate government programs that may help to support your business as a result of the Pandemic. 
  • Should anyone in your organization contract COVID-19, inform your staff while being mindful of the employee’s privacy.


More thorough and factual resource can be found on the World Health Organization’s website at:


Travelling and Travel Insurance


If you have plans to travel you should check with your travel insurer before doing so. A level 3 travel warning has been issued by the Canadian government. They are warning against all nonessential travel. The level 3 warning is a key trigger with travel insurers. Before either travelling or making any payments for travel costs (deposits or final payments) you should consult with your travel insurer. Travel or payments made after the level 3 warning could result in no coverage for cancellation insurance from your credit card company.  

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