IHFP response to recent compensation adjustment inquiry

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On behalf of IHF owners, the IDCA recently inquired and received a response
from the Ministry’s IHFP re the recent arbitration decision between the
MOHLTC and the OMA.

The inquiry was that in the arbitration decision the compensation
adjustments state: “For further clarify these increases will apply to
office-based technical fees and facility fees, but not to hospital
technical fees.” Does this mean the IHF Facility Fees will be subject to
the compensation adjustment?

The IHFP responded as follows:

The ministry continues to work closely with the OMA to implement the
February 2019 award from the Kaplan Board of Arbitration. As we continue
work in the months ahead, additional information regarding the
implementation of the remaining elements of the award will be communicated
and all efforts will be made to ensure this transition is smooth for health
care providers.

We are targeting implementation for the elimination of physician payment
discounts (0.5% discount from the 2012 Physician Services Agreement and
3.95% discount on fee-for-service and 2.65% discount on non-FFS payments
from physician compensation changes from 2015) effective April 1,
2019. Removal
of the discount will be implemented for all previously discounted physician
payments (including technical fees paid to hospitals and to Independent
Health Facilities.)

As we continue to work through the implementation process, additional
information regarding the elimination of payment discounts will be
communicated, as available.

The award also outlines compensation increases, which include:

· 0.75% effective April 1, 2017

· 1.25% effective April 1, 2018

· 1% effective April 1, 2019 (part of which will include the
removal of the current 0.5% discount)

· 1% effective April 1, 2020

Implementation of the compensation increases remain a part of ongoing
discussions with the OMA and further information regarding the
implementation of the compensation increases will be communicated as

Stephanie Bolton

Executive Director, IDCA

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