MOH Subscription Service in addition to IHFP Emailed Notices

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The Ministry of Health issued INFOBulletin 210307 dated March 26, 2021, regarding a subscription service.  Please see this link to the bulletin:

Claims Services Branch of the Ministry of Health has introduced a subscription service for health care providers to obtain email communications.  This will allow IHF licensees, other IHF staff, interpreting physicians and quality advisors to add their email addresses to the subscription notification for INFOBulletins and OHIP Announcements.  This service allows you to maintain the email addresses that you wish to have notified when there is a new communication.

Note that the subscription service is NOT linked to the Independent Health Facilities Program (IHFP) database.  Therefore the IHFP will continue to maintain only 1 facility email address that is used for timely transmission of information by the IHFP and other organizations when communicating information specific to your IHF or general information not contained in the INFOBulletin format.  For example information related to the assessment of your IHF or general information regarding the current pandemic.  The IHFP recommends that this email address be a business email address, not a personal email address and that the email address identifies with the licensee’s business.  You should send an email to: when there is a change in the facility email address. 

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