New Health Information Protection Act introduced by MOHLTC

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The Minister of Health and Long-Term Care introduced the Health Information Protection Act, 2015 (HIPA) in the Ontario legislature on September 16th.

The Bill is comprised of two schedules:

  • Schedule 1 is called: Amendments to the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 and to certain related statutes. It contains amendments to several Acts, that if passed, would create stronger and more comprehensive health information privacy protection for the people of Ontario and provide updates to the privacy rules for the EHR, and
  • Schedule 2 is called Quality of Care Information Protection Act, 2015 (QCIPA): If passed, this Act would replace the existing QCIPA, 2004, to achieve more openness and transparency with patients and their families during the investigation of critical incidents.

The joint bill follows Minister Hoskins’ recent commitments. You can find more information with the news release and background materials on the introduction of the HIPA Bill located here:


You can find HIPA here:

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