Xray Survey Coming

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In the next few weeks, the Ministry will be contacting all facilities with an Xray machine used on humans in Ontario, to complete a questionnaire electronically.  The information your provide builds on the first assessment conducted in 2013 that helped provide the Ministry with an initial set of learnings about, and improvements to, the Ministry’s oversight of xray facilities.
Failure to complete the new electronic questionnaire may result in an unannounced inspection of the non-responding facility.
If you have questions, please call Cecilia, CIQ 2.0 Coordinator, Xray Inspection Unit,, MOHLTC at 416-314-1303.
The MOHLTC is continuing to modernize the process that its Xray Inspection Service (XRIS) employs under the Healing Arts Radiation Protection (HARP) Act to inspect all facilities that have xray machines used to irradiate humans, including CT machines.

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